Sunday, April 19, 2015

So, That "Batman VS Superman" Trailer Was Dark AKA Tone in Movies

After leaking and having various people post grainy versions of it, the "Batman VS Superman Trailer" was officially uploaded by its director, Zack Snyder, as he and WB realized the cat was out of the bag and no matter how hard you try to force it back in, that kitty won't return to whence it came. I of course have the trailer right here for you with my thoughts below:

The first thing I thought upon seeing this was, "Man, that's intense," followed by, "I actually kind of am intrigued by the angle they are continuing to take." Just what angle am I talking about? Well, see if you follow what I'm getting at here. The DC Comics always had a reputation as being the more bright-and-cheery brand--even with Batman, then we had Marvel being thought of as the more, "Realistic," and at times gritty world. This of course was not always the case factually (I mean, DC put out "Watchmen"), but seemed to be the perception of folk. Now we have these Marvel movies that do at times have their serious moments, but tend to be a bit more peppy, while on the other hand we also have these ultra-serious DC flicks. Who would have predicted that back before DC did the Nolan-directed "Batman" films that brought us a more dour sort of hero?

It is interesting to see each company carve out a tonal-niche, with Marvel doing the more humorous movies, and DC going really dark. I mean, it did make sense for those Batman flicks to be a tad melancholy, but "Man of Steel" had some heavy material and "Batman VS Superman" seems to be picking-up that ball of questioning concepts such as religion and/or power and running with said ball for dear life (I loved the "False God" graffiti on the Superman statue, that was quite clever).

While I'm still worried when I hear how "Batman VS Superman" is trying to jam so many characters into the flick, this trailer does look promising, and maybe will help make the Ben Affleck haters pipe-down a little bit after seeing that intense stare he does that makes me feel as if Batman himself is indeed peering into my soul and judging me. As for my judgement about the quality of the film, we will know before too long if this the epic success DC is hoping for or an incredible failure. I know I myself would like a quality Batman and Superman fight if nothing else.


  1. Wow! The teaser got almost 10 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours! Crazy!

  2. It is pretty wild; People are getting excited!