Thursday, March 5, 2015

That Latest "Age of Ultron" Trailer Was Okay, I Guess (I'm Still Excited for the Movie, Though)

Yesterday the 3rd big official trailer for "Age of Ultron" was released upon the internet. It was supposed to hit the interwebs today, but clever marketing fan demand resulted in it coming out yesterday. I've watched it, and strangely enough compared to the earlier trailers found myself underwhelmed. Check it out and then see if you agree with me:

I'm still very excited for this movie, but compared to that amazing first trailer this was just a let-down. We had more slow-motion action-shots, hints of characters fighting each other, Ultron talking about how he is going to destroy everything, and really nothing especially new or cool until those last few seconds where a glimpse of The Vision is had. This trailer kind of just looks like a standard action movie that happens to have Marvel characters in it--although I am almost positive this won't be that as Joss Whedon and everyone else gave us an amazing first flick, so my hopes are high for this one.

Perhaps I am just at the point that my excitement for the movie is at its maximum level and little else can be done to get me any more pumped, resulting in efforts such as this being met with me feeling unimpressed. I'm not sure why this trailer had me feeling a bit apathetic, but I know I'm still quite eager to see this on the silver-screen soon.

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