Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Television Tuesday--More "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" Review-Thoughts

More Thoughts, You Say?

Two weeks ago I posted a review of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life," or, "BFFL," as I like to call it. I quite liked the show but cautioned how with many a new program you have to watch more than the first couple episodes to truly get a feel for a show. Having enjoyed the hour-long premiere and four half-hour episodes (there have been two every Tuesday since the initial one), I can conclude that "BFFL" is indeed a delightful show, oftentimes hilarious and occasionally even a bit touching.

My earlier review has gotten some comments both for and against the show, but with the majority of people feeling supportive of our main protagonist, Whitney Thore. "BFFL" follows her efforts to lose some weight while also maintaining she has no body shame, just an interest in being healthy even if that means still having some poundage. We continue to see little-to-nothing of her brother, but her parents, Glenn and Babs, are just awesome and make the show even more fun than it already is. The episode where Whitney suffers through a one-year anniversary mourning of their previous dog, Gorgi, is a bit depressing at first, but after Babs gives a tearful speech about how the dog was her little, "Crumb-catcher," both Whitney and us viewers can't help but crack-up at the absurdity of it all. It's both funny, and human--and just one example of why this show is so enjoyable.
Watching Whitney and her mom interact is often funny.
While her parents are a delight, Whitney is of course the main draw of the broadcast, and as I've said before, her warm and bubbly personality is the primary reason this show is so fun. Were Whitney a cranky or unpleasant individual I would probably hate this show chronicling her attempts to lose weight, find love, and spread the joy of dancing. Thankfully, Whitney is really cool and one of the few people with a reality-show I think I would actually enjoy hanging out with--as opposed to say everyone on junk like, "The Bacherlor," who can go jump in a shallow creek from a high bridge.

Watching Whitney discuss her struggles over things we as a population take for granted (feeling comfortable going to the beach for the first in time 20 years, putting up with name-calling from strangers about her weight) is eye-opening for those in the population who may not think about how larger people deserve respect instead of being victims of jokes. As Whitney has mentioned on her show many times, being fat is treated as one of the worst crimes someone can commit in America, and seems to be one of the few things left in society it is okay to make fun of people for or otherwise be dismissive about, even if there are medical reasons for the weight such as Whitney with her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).
Whitney finds the perfect swimsuit in one episode.
"My Big Fat Fabulous Life" is a rare example of TLC actually living up to its name as, "The Learning Channel," and teaching us something about not judging others based solely upon their appearance. Whitney may be a big woman, but she also is a dancer, smart, funny, and yes, sexy--even though our society seems to have a weird opposition to  treating overweight people as sexual beings, instead preferring to pretend that if you way more than 200-ish pounds you're a celibate being.

"My Big Fat Fabulous Life" has not just been as good as the debut episode, it actually has gotten even better, delivering on laughs, teaching lessons, and teasing the possibility of Whitney finding love--be it through dating or possibly with her longtime friend, Buddy. I'm genuinely surprised and pleased that TLC has created a show about a large person that doesn't treat them as some kind of freak show or individual to pity, but instead a person to look-up to for their grace, sweetness, and otherwise being a superb individual. I look forward to the next two shows tonight and whatever else the future holds for Whitney!
5 out of 5 stars.


  1. I forgot nd Whitney to be an overbearing control freak who thinks she knows everything. Totally obnoxious

  2. Controlling, condescending and self absorbed. Will not watch again.

  3. This is being written on 11.16.23 regarding the most current season.

    Whitney Way Thore is a spoiled, narcissistic bully who has a overrated self sense of importance.

    The way she treated her mother and is now most recently treating her father as if they were a child is embarrassing and sad. I don't understand why no one has the courage to call her out on her behavior.

    I cannot continue to watch as she continues her abusive behavior