Monday, July 28, 2014

What I Found Interesting From SDCC This Year

Well, San Diego has finished its immense comic convention. A variety of pieces of news came out of it, and I'll now share my thoughts on what I think is worth discussing.

Stuff From SDCC Worth Mentioning
Besides the fact that I'm amazed "Multiversity" is actually going to finally happen, this map created by Grant Morrison to illustrate DC's multiverse is both fascinating and beautiful.

Image announced a ton of new comics that are going to be coming out from them. Some look more interesting than others, but I imagine each will be good in its own way, as Image doesn't really put out much that is flat-out bad.

ComiXology is now offering publishers the option to provide digital comics to readers without DRM--as in you can back-up your comic and read it on any device without annoying "protective" software getting in the way that actually doesn't stop pirates(my views on DRM are pretty clear). Some publishers are already on-board and others may soon be too.

Batman Versus Superman apparently had a trailer but it is all-but-impossible to find it on the internet due to Warner Brothers making anyone who posts it take it down, so I'm not even going to link to anything.

Could this be a start of a monster-movie renaissance? I don't know, but I am intrigued to hear that a sequel to the Godzilla movie I enjoyed is going to be made, and that a new King Kong movies of all things is happening.

Marvel is going to be putting out Star Wars comics soon that are officially in canon and everything. Plus they've got some good creative teams.

Speaking of Marvel, they have another original graphic novel coming out right before the new Avengers movie hits theaters, fittingly titled "Rage of Ultron".

"Star Trek" and "The Planet of the Apes" will be having a comic cross-over event thanks to a deal worked out by their respective rights holders, IDW and Boom. This is an announcement that is random but also sounds pretty cool.

That's All?
I can't think of anything else from SDCC that when I read news about it I found myself saying "Wow". I guess there just wasn't as much to grab my attention this year.

I forgot to mention how I am happy that "Mighty Avengers" is not getting canceled, but instead re-launched as "Captain America and the Mighty Avengers". That made me smile. Also, Image's publisher Eric Stephenson delivered quite the keynote speech.

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