Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Television Tuesday: Amazon's "Fallout," Show to Premiere April 2024

I have enjoyed the, "Fallout," series of video-games over the years (and I just mentioned a Magic: The Gathering," tie-in happening yesterday). From the PC classics to the first-person titles that came to consoles, I enjoy the franchise set in a post-apocalypse following a massive nuclear war. Amazon Prime has a show set in that Universe coming and such news gets me a little intrigued. What gets me really interested, however, is seeing Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are the showrunners. I loved their take on, "Westworld," in the fantastic-then frustrating-then frustratingly fantastic television series. It was a bummer we didn't get a potential fifth season but if they're doing, "Fallout," then yeah, I'm down.

Apparently, a release date for the first episode has been revealed and it features the series fun mascot in a nice touch. Come April  12th, 2024, "Fallout," will be on Amazon Prime. I plan to tune in and know it will be wholly different from, "Westworld," as this is a totally separate IP, but I still kinda hope we get that magical weirdness, "Westworld," often gave viewers. Come April we'll know what exactly we're in for.

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