Thursday, October 19, 2023

"Spawn," and its Comics Keep Expanding

Todd McFarlane's character, "Spawn," was huge when he debuted at the birth of Image Comics in the 90s. Then he kind of faded from popularity but the comic kept chugging along. One could wonder if, "Spawn," was outright losing money it had such a small print run at points, but over time it kept getting more and more popular. Now, we are looking at McFarlane and his collaborators putting out 10 titles that relate to Spawn in some fashion. That is wild to think it's 2023 and Spawn is bigger than ever.

I've been upfront previously about enjoying McFarlane as an artist but not really digging his writing. When I've read, "Spawn," comics written by other folks I dig it, and I even have enjoyed the OG series if I'm just flipping through the pages ogling the beautiful art. "Spawn," often isn't my thing, and that's okay! I know folks out there who absolutely adore the character and the stories relating to Spawn. I'm happy that they will have 10 series to pick from and am simply impressed that Spawn has had this much staying power compared to some other 90s stuff that is mostly forgotten.

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