Friday, February 16, 2018

Fuck the 2nd Amendment

I took some time and mulled over many ways to respond to the tragedy in Florida. Someone committed a mass-shooting at a school and everyone is doing the usual thing of offering thoughts and prayers while refusing to take any real action. When this exact same thing has happened before I post politely-worded posts about gun control, try to gently argue with people who foolishly think more guns will help, point-out how how politicians are in the pocket of the NRA, and basically use logic. I'm done doing that. Trying to be nice with people who value guns and this false ideal of,  "Firearms=Liberty," more than human life is pointless.

Therefore, I simply have one long sentence to say: Fuck the 2nd Amendment, fuck trying to be reasonable with these people who cling to how outdated and irrelevant it is now, and repeal it so cowards can't hide behind it when we want to implement even the simplest safety measures.

Oh, and before you accuse me of, "Politicizing a tragedy," try to claim you can magically guess what our forefathers were thinking before guns became as powerful as they are today, or otherwise argue with me via some other bullshit claim, fuck you too.

It's harsh language, but I'm done being nice, done trying to be reasonable, and if you motherfuckers are so scared the government is going to come take your guns that you buy 50 of them and start a militia (which is a fancy word for, "White-person terrorist group), than you probably should have the government come take your guns away. Look at every other nation and then look at us, we lag behind in healthcare, education, and all the good stuff, but boy-howdy do we lead in gun violence and mass-shootings. That isn't something to be proud of.

The constitution is a living document, it evolves and changes with our times, let's actually do something for once.


  1. My only question is how do you think gun control will actually help? With as many criminals as there are in this country that can get their hands on weapons with no problem, how do you propose to deal with them? If a person wants a gun they are going to get one. Period. The problem isn't just a control my opinion it's a society issue. A lot of kids aren't raised by their parents anymore. They are raised by the internet and tv. And what do kids see on the internet and tv? Violence and hatred. Kids today seem to think that shooting up schools and killing is ok. They kill over a broken relationship. Some just fantasize about being infamous. You have parents that just throw their kids an iPad or throw them in front of a tv so they don't have to deal with them. Kids aren't brought up to know right from wrong. They are brought up seeing violence and hatred from the media and online activist groups so they think it's ok to act like that. Children and young adults today have such a sense of entitlement that it makes me sick. Everybody hand me everything. I don't have to listen to teachers. I can curse and strike them if I want. Nobody will do anything about it. I dont have to listen to my parents. They won't touch me because I'll call the cops and have them arrested. I don't have to do what cops say. I'll just say they are racist and out to get see my point? I'm not saying all kids are like this, but you can't tell me there isn't an issue with today's youth. I also believe the court system is flawed also. Not serious enough penalties for serious crimes. There are a lot of things that need to be changed. And accountability should begin in the home

  2. Love this rant too. I always air travel for work and I often am subjected to some dumb pro-gun T-shirts in the airport terminals. Usually involving a silhouette of an AK-47. Like the rant states it is pointless to debate such people, but I want to make my statement too. i am seriously considering printing up a T-shirt that says, 'No your stupid gun does not make you tough... or safe. FT2A '. It would be across my back and whenever i come across one of these scared, little men, I will jump in front of them and make sure they get a nice long look. If they want to get in my face because of it, I say ' come and get it '. Added bonus, we are in an airport so I don't have to worry that if they're really psycho, they might pull out their penis extender.