Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Visit to the January 2018 Toyman Show Was Extremely Fun!

As I've made apparent from a number of posts I greatly enjoy going to the Toyman shows and I was able to attend it again today! Chris, "Toyman," McQuillen was kind enough to let me visit to cover the event and I also had the pleasure of chatting with him a bit. I asked him how he gets so many great vendors and he told me that what he's found is that there many collectors out there who don't realize how much stuff they have, one day they say, "I've got way too much stuff," and then they get a table and enjoy being a vendor. Speaking of vendors, boy were there plenty with awesome stuff! Today I was able to acquire a Funko I've always desired for a great price...
I bought the Walgreens Green Goblin Chase Funko which is a, "Chase," because it has a gorgeous metallic sheen.
Also, I had the pleasure of speaking with the great folk from STL Comics and trading some stuff for a Funko of the Philly Phanatic  from them, a cool figure to have because he just looks so zany.
Lastly, I was pleased to trade one Funko I had brought with me for this awesome one of Bullseye, the dog who is the mascot for Target.

Besides toys there is always a stellar assortment of comics for sale as well, and I was super-excited to get...
Some copies of, "Teen Titans #12," which feature the first appearance of, "The Batman Who Laughs," and is quite the hot book right now. I got enough to keep one for myself and some others to sell to friends.
"Marvel Spotlight #28," which is the first solo Moon Knight series. I was stoked to get this from the good folk at The Comic Grind who let me swap some other comics of mine for it.

The Toyman show is always fun and I was very pleased to find so much great stuff this time. Thanks to Chris' awesome event I always have a superb time. It is extremely fairly priced and full of awesome comics, toys, and general fascinating pop-culture ephemera. If you come for general admission at 9AM it is only $5 (with kids 16 and under free) or you can get in as an early-bird at 8AM for $12--which is something I for sure would recommend if you want prime first-pickings. The next one is Sunday, March 11th, and I plan on being there without a doubt!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it!! This is my introduction to Funkos :)