Friday, December 29, 2017

Delayed Comics are the Annoying (Continuing) Trend of the Year--2017 in Review

So, So, Annoying
A great cover to a comic that should've already come out and now isn't due till 2018.
"Doom Patrol," "The Black Monday Murders," "Southern Bastards," anything relating to the, "Afterlife With Archie," brand. All these comics I've greatly enjoyed and they all have had abhorrent delays. When it gets to the point when I can't recall what happened in the previous issue of a comic because it has been months, or even more than a year, I know there's a big problem. I was really loving, "Doom Patrol," but I've quit reading it in single issues because at this point I might as well just pick it up in trade whenever the horrifically-delayed issues are collected. "Southern Bastards," has long been a favorite comic of mine but comes out maybe quarterly, and when was the last time we saw any of that zombie-Archie comic?

If a book is solicited to come out monthly or every two months and doesn't that can kill the momentum. I adore, "The Black Monday Murders," with the great writing of Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker's amazing artwork but its sporadic release schedule really makes it hard to recall who's who in its big cast of characters all following their own plots and subplots. I'm happy to get to read the book at all, but I'll be darned if these delays don't temper my enthusiasm a bit at times.
This came out 8/31/16, nothing since. #11 will maybe be out December 26th...of 2018.
Look, I know that things can come-up and make it hard for a book to come out on time. Whether it is a big comic company or a smaller independent book shit can happen. It just is annoying when a book I really dig is delayed beyond all rhyme or reason to the point I just give-up waiting for it. This by no means was a problem exclusive to 2017, but perhaps as I grow older my patience just wears increasingly thin for this kind of thing.

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