Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Interview With the Creative Team Behind, "Sink"

Not too long ago I was able to do an advance-review of the first issue of, "Sink." Published by Comixtribe, this book is written by John Lees with art by Alex Cormack and I loved issue #1. I had the pleasure of being able to speak with John and Alex via Skype a few weeks ago and thought that as the first issue of, "Sink," will be in stores a week from today (on 9/13/17) this was the perfect time to post our interview! You can enjoy it below:

For more information about, "Sink," you can visit the website John mentioned here.

John Lees is on Twitter at this address.

Alex Cormack can be reached on Twitter here.

Sink will be in all finer comic shops on 9/13/17 and can be pre-ordered at Things From Another World should you desire a copy!

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