Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Open Carry" Is Just Another Extension of White Privilege--A Political Editorial

Warning, Political Thoughts Ahead
I know how much people love my political posts--not that much because they get the least views compared to when I mock the latest inane thing DC has done (this "band-aid" business sounds odd)--but I had some thoughts about all this "open carry" talk and wanted to share them. Here we go...

What is Open Carry?
Oh yeah, I feel much safer seeing this.
For those who don't know what "open carry" is, it means basically what it sounds like, carrying one's firearm in public, not necessarily concealed but hanging out there for all to see, whether it is a handgun or an AR-15. Most reasonable people realize that seeing someone walking around with an assault rifle is kind of scary, even if they supposedly are just doing it to display their rights and be "protected" from whatever danger could strike them at the local Starbucks (well, not Starbucks now, as the company wised-up to the fact that folk don't feel comfortable drinking a latte when a man with an AK-47 is sitting next to them stroking the barrel of his gun). Something about all this open carry talk really strikes me though, namely that whenever I see people speaking out about how "open carry" is a right, it always seems to be 99% of the  time a man, and 100% of the time (as far as I've seen) a white person.

White Privilege Strikes Again
White Privilege is another thing that is what it sounds like, the way that being white seems to entitle people to certain rights that others either lack or have to fight harder for, and it has really surprised me that more people haven't talked about how all this open carry business is really just another example of white privilege being heavily exercised. You don't see anyone who is of any color other than white running around openly displaying their gun because in this supposedly post-racial society a black man brandishing a pistol is more likely to get him shot than hailed as some sort of patriot of gun-rights. A white person can walk down the street with his assault rifle and while it may make most people nervous and uncomfortable (except for those few who think he is proudly expressing a right), just being suspected of having a gun if you're a person of color will get you killed by jumpy police or white men who are just "standing their ground".
Yes, this is real. No, it's not a joke.
White men extol the virtues of open carry and brandish their guns in public because they know they can get away with it as long as the laws that further white privilege (such as open carry and "stand your ground") exist. It isn't surprising that when a black person tries to claim they followed the "stand your ground" law they end up going to prison even if they fired a simple warning shot, but when it's someone who killed an unarmed black teen, well...yeah. Isn't it funny that the very people who claim they are fighting for our rights seem to be eager to trample on the rights of others to feel safe and equal, regardless of their skin color?

Why Aren't We Talking About This?
It's true, and the NRA used to support gun control much more in general too.
I've looked around and seen very little that points out how open carry is basically just another extension of white privilege. Why this hasn't been discussed more I'm not sure. Perhaps it is because there are still plenty of white people who don't like open carry laws and think bullies such as the NRA should go take a long hard look in the mirror for being proponents of such stupidity. Maybe it is because those who are against open carry laws don't want to be accused of playing the "race card" and picking on the poor helpless white man with all his proudly-brandished guns. I don't know why this has so little discussion, but I think the more we think about just who benefits from open carry and who suffers, the more it becomes apparent this isn't so much a 2nd amendment rights issue as it is human rights issue.

UPDATE on 6/23/14
I originally had a "your penis must not work" joke in the article about open carry but it was pointed out to me in a comment by Alex it was mean and damaged my point (which they didn't fully agree with, but I thank them for calmly saying why instead of getting mad like in some of the other comments). Therefore, I eliminated it from the main article but have it below as it would be wrong to try and act like it was never in the article...
 "If you want to conceal and carry your handgun that's your business, but when you having just swinging out in the open as an extension of the unable-to-function penis I assume you suffer from...well, we have an issue."
Yeah, that was maybe in bad taste.


  1. Come on. 45 states if you include California a rural only open carry state - allow the open carry of properly holstered handguns. 30 of these states - generally allow open carry without permits. Learn more at

  2. I checked it out and found that while what you say is basically true, a lot of states do have various other ordinances or rules that impact open carry. For example, Missouri (where I live) has it so that:

    While open carry is generally legal in Missouri, their preemption statute is unique in that it preempts the entire field of firearms law except for the regulation of open carry. Consequently, carrying openly in Missouri will expose you to a checkerboard of local ordinances.

    Which is probably why I don't see much of any open carry in MO, and why I hear about places such as the Ozarks working to pass local laws making open carry less common or forbidden.

    Still, regardless of its legality I still would be interested in statistics about just who open carries--e.g. is it indeed an example of white privilege as I argue. I thank you for your comment though and if you have any data about the racial make-up of who open carries I would be interested to read it for sure.

  3. This is actually a pretty ignorant or pretty deceptive article.

    There are many people, just in the group Open Carry Texas, who are Black and Latino.

    The only purpose this article serves is to convince the Black community to not fight for their civil rights.

    It does not matter what your skin color is. If you live in Texas, I ask that you join our civil rights movement (yes, the 2A is a civil right) and come walk with us!

  4. This article is so Freaking Funny...who has the time to sit there and come up with this CRAP.Open Carry is not just "white people" are a stupid Racist Mother Trucker.

  5. I see what you are trying to say here, but I would suggest that you've "got the cart before the horse" here.
    Many, or even most, of the prohibitions on open carry came about after the Civil War in an effort to prevent newly freed slaves from being armed. Gun control in general has racist roots that continue even to the present day..
    I would suggest that the reason that this isnt reported is that it doesn't fit the leftist philosophy of the anti-gun nuts out there.
    Generally speaking, I would say that open carry isn't "white privilege" so much as the prohibition of open carry is racist.

    As an aside, there is a huge difference between carrying and brandishing a weapon.

    And furthermore, my penis works just fine, thank you. And going out into the street with a long gun, knowing full well that you will be harassed by the police and targeted by leftist billionaires takes more than just a fully functional penis. It takes balls.

  6. All gun control has its roots in racism. And while the NRA has taken some bad stances in the past, it's a member-led organization...and today's members are pretty universally opposed to restricting ANYONE'S rights.

  7. Wow, suddenly a bunch of people seemed to have read and commented on my article--I must have gotten linked to by somewhere!

    Anonymous, I'm sorry you find my article deceptive and I appreciate you are encouraging people of all races to fight for rights, I am of course expressing an opinion based on what I've seen, and what I've seen is no one other than white folk being big on open carry.

    Donna, I'm sorry you think that by expressing how I'm against racism that somehow makes me racist, I don't understand that, but okay.

    Alex, you actually make some prudent points that get me thinking, and you say them in calm way that makes me willing to listen--and the penis joke is something I considered taking out of the article as I thought it might be too mean, as you picked up on. Do you think I should cut it (no pun intended) from the article as it hurts what I'm trying to say?

    Cormac, I get what you're saying but oftentimes it seems the NRA isn't member-led so much as saying whatever will benefit the companies that sell guns. I do in fact know very little about the NRA and how it functions however, so I admit that my knowledge about it is minimal.

  8. Just a few comments. You need to research exactly what Starbucks actually did. Look past the initial articles claiming they banned anything.

    Second, there is no actual comparison between the Zimmerman and the Alexander events. One never claim Stand Your Ground. For the one that should review how the jury returned with a conviction in 12 minutes. You should also look at the actual facts as described by both parties and the police investigation.

    Just my isn't very credible that Alexander attempted a warning shot.

    I will not claim that this shoots down the entire proposal about open carry and white privilege, but it does poke holes in any theory that you have researched anything.

  9. While many in that fight for their 2A rights are white, none of us will turn away any person based on their ethnicity.

    I believe this is just another example of someone on the left playing the race card. I understand it to be your right to express it, but it is truly disgusting how much the race card gets played. And it sucks for those who are truly discriminated against and no one believes them because of 'the boy(s) who cried wolf.'

    I appreciate the fact you allow comments. Many anti-gunners delete and ban those who have dissenting views.

    You were linked by EMS, Fire & LEO Second Amendment Supporters

    Mike Cooper

  10. Dear David... Sorry u couldn't make it as a real journalist and are stuck with your left wing rants with some no name rag paper.... Things are looking up tho... Only 2 more years till Obama is out, then maybe you can get a real job!

  11. Then again, maybe not..... Your a joke son!

  12. To the anonymous who said they worry if I researched anything, I did do some research, but probably not as much as I could have as you point out some issues I lacked awareness of. Part of that is possibly where I did my research as I will admit I only did some examining of the more pro open-carry sites, or sites in favor of Ms. Alexander and her case.

    To Mr. Cooper,
    I understand your concern about the "race card" but really feel this is a valid time it can be discussed, not a case of "crying wolf" as some feel occurs at points. Also, thanks for telling me who linked to me as I'm always interested in seeing how I get traffic to my site. As I am primarily popular-culture and comics normally it's a comic website, hence my wondering how one of my political posts suddenly was getting views as they normally barely get any. Also, I wouldn't get rid of comments because doing so just makes people live in their own bubble of thinking everyone agrees with them, you can't just "delete" the people who feel differently from you in real-life, so you may as well hear them out instead of sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling loudly to simulate as if you're all alone.

  13. Oh, and Tom, I never tried to "make it" as a journalist. My career-focus is actually health and I do have another "day job" regardless of who the President is. I do this blog for the purpose of fun and getting my voice out there. It is well-known enough I can get into the comic-conventions I cover as press (as that is my website's main focus) and that brings me joy, so no worries on my end about careers or being "a joke". If you think your words are harsh you should see the hate mail I've gotten for speaking out against comic companies. Folk will defend DC or Marvel to a scary degree considering the insults I've had hurled my way.

  14. If you say your against racism and the try and say open carry is a white privilege you might be a racist.....I'm not with OCT but I've seen the local chapter here in south texas...All Hispanics. ..

  15. Dear David,

    Lets start with my penis size/funtionality first. That almost always comes up from liberals. Guns, cars, money, etc. I have enough of the three to keep my wife and I happy. The usual "Dick" comment usually comes from a guy driving a Prius or a Leaf. Same with guns. Why does gun ownership (or any other ownership) have anything to do with dick size or function? Down here in Texas, we call that a "dick measuring contest." My wife is happy with my size and functionality, at 46 years old, I am happy as well. Several wo en have been happy and none complained.

    Glad we got that out of the way...

    I actually agreed with you about long guns in stores and restaurants but you lost my support when "dick functionality" was brougbt up. Same comment, same lame, frustrated view that the right gets every day. Ran out of stuff to say, so lets insult his dick size! Another Shannon Watts.

    I will, at any time, have you to the house for beer, good brisket, and a lively discussion on gun control, religion, gay marriage, ACA, or any of the lefts views, some of which I actually agree with.

    With respect,


  16. Polo, the penis comment was crass and felt like I was falling-back on name-calling--hence I excised it form the article but did mention it had been a part of it as it felt wrong to act like I never said something I then regretted a bit. Also, glad to hear you have a variety of views and don't fit a stereotype of only being on one end of the political spectrum. As my views can vary a bit too it is interesting what I end up agreeing with sometimes.

  17. By the way, can you explain "white priveledge" to me without meeting me? Goes back to the stereotype, Prius driving, less than manly man, scared of guns kinda thing, you know, Dave?

  18. Still put it in the article, Dave. You can't unscrew a pregnant girl. Props for responsibility, but it degraded the article.

  19. As someone who is in fact white I'm not sure how qualified I am to discuss white privilege other than when I have observed it impacting others. I can only give examples of how if you're a black person you are much more likely to be pulled over by police or be given the death penalty in a criminal case, or recommend you Google about Saint Louis and how it has what is called "The Delmar Divide" which isn't just race-based but has socio-economic aspects too. Also, this Buzzfeed article is pretty simplistic but gets across some points (which is surprising as normally Buzzfeed is just dumb quizzes about what character from Game of Thrones a person is most like):

  20. If you're only seen white people doing this, you haven't looked hard enough.