Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Tragedy In Colorado-- Remember The Victims, And Don't Use It To Prove A Point

Of all the things I write about on this site, comics and movies generally are the biggest items. This means that comic-book-movies get a special amount of attention from me. So, Thursday night in St. Louis I attended a marathon screening of the Batman movies--the whole trilogy with the newest premiering at Midnight. I enjoyed myself but upon arriving home my phone "dinged" with an update from various news sites. Not too far away in the US some people who had gone to a midnight screening of Batman for the same reason as I did not get to enjoy the film. No, they were robbed of their lives for nothing more than being people who were big enough fans they went to a midnight premiere of a movie. 

A madman killed and badly hurt a large number of these individuals in the theater who wanted nothing more than to have an experience we all treasure and sometimes share with others in a theater--seeing a film. In the days that follow we may learn of possible motives, various forms of media will probably be scoured over for the slightest resemblance to this tragedy and blamed (comic books, video-games, anything remotely related to Batman--all are possible). Those who are for guns being harder to buy will use this as an example, those who are against gun control will also use this as an example. People of each view will just use it in differing ways to achieve the same goal it seems people always attempt in light of a tragedy--to make a point.

We shouldn't try to make a point out of this though and use it as fuel for our individual causes. We should look at this as a tragedy done by a dangerously insane person, and instead of trying to use this for our own ends we should focus on those who were hurt and killed and the honoring of them in our memories.

I was going to post my review of Dark Knight Rising on Friday (in my "Film Friday" segment), but due to events that early morning I decided it was best to shift said review to this Friday so I had time to think about how to address these events in my review, if I even want to dredge up that pain in discussing something that should be a joyous event, as movies usually are.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Let's remember them, not try to prove a point.

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