Sunday, February 14, 2016

Announcing The Valentine's Day Four-Way (of Posts)!

Getting Raunchy!

This Valentine's Day I wanted to give you, my reader, something special. For that reason I'm going to put up four posts that deal with sexuality, romance, and the like. I'm calling it my Valentine's Day Four-Way because I have never been one to pass on a saucy pun. After all the posts are up you can return to this one for a link to them all. For now though here's some, "Foreplay," in the form of me describing what the posts are about...

Part Un:
Fukitor and the Question of if Being Tasteless Just to Shock People is Still A Form of Social Commentary

Part Deux:
The Male Id Within, "Terror Assaulter: One Man War on Terror"

Part  Trois
Heather Benjamin Masterfully Expresses the Ugly Within the Erotic

Part Quatre:
Sex Positivism as Illustrated  via the, "Smut Peddler," Anthology

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