Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Today Show Has Some Turmoil

I love watching The Today Show. It has had ups and downs throughout its existence. Two recent low points would be how Matt Laurer turned out to be a creep, and when Megyn Kelly was given an hour of the program. That was awful and I was pleased when it was put out of its misery. There is a lot of fun and information to be gleaned from The Today Show and it generally lacks too much turmoil. The current crew is great and I along with many others especially enjoy Hoda Kotb and Al Roker. Well, as far as we know Al Roker is doing great after a number of health scares in 2022 but Hoda has been mysteriously absent to the point folks were asking what is up. Oh, and Savannah Guthrie tested positive for COVID-19 while she was on the air and had to leave in the middle of an episode. As the AV Club put it, "Things are getting weird."

Hoda's absence was at least somewhat addressed this morning, with it stated she is dealing with, "A family health matter." Hoda and NBC obviously don't owe us an explanation for her absence, but people worried she had been fired, quit, or so forth--this makes it at least somewhat reassuring that this is a (supposedly) temporary leave of absence. For a show that I watch to have something pleasant and chill in the morning to wake up with there is a lot of drama occurring.

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