Wednesday, March 29, 2023

I Tried Cascara Soda and I'm Not Really a Fan

I was at Whole Foods the other day because I needed to return a ripped backpack from Amazon and they do returns there. Over in the drink section, I noticed something called cascara soda for sale. Apparently, it is a beverage made from the cherries of coffee trees (that tastes nothing like coffee). It can be made into a tea or carbonated and become a soda of sorts. I tried some cascara soda and I did not hate it or especially like it. I like my soda to be quite sweet and my coffee to be black. I also drink tea with zero sweeteners. I like club soda with a flavor, but no sugar is my preference in that case as well. I like things quite sweet or lacking any sugar, I don't generally enjoy an in-between. Well, cascara soda is exactly in between tea and pop. 

It is a bit sweet and has a slight tea flavor mixed with the carbonation. It is not terrible, but I find the mix of an ever-so-vague sugary taste and the carbonated tea flavor bothersome. It either needs to lack the sweetness full stop or be a true soda, I'd say. This half-step between soda and tea is just cloying and bugs me. My tastebuds weren't delighted or disgusted they were annoyed. Should you like sweetened tea mixed with carbonation then I'd imagine cascara soda is perfect for you. I don't plan to drink it again anytime soon, however.

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