Sunday, November 26, 2017

Everyone (Myself Included) is Pissed About this New York Times Article About a Neo-Nazi

The, "New York Times," had a recent article about, "The Nazi Sympathizer Next Door," which depressingly doesn't emphasize how terrible a human being he is but actually comes off as if it is saying, "Nazis, they like television and have good manners and stuff!" I and everyone else who has read this has found ourselves disgusted.

Articles like this that try to normalize the horrible monsters that Nazis are just are atrocious. This makes me think of a random example: I remember back in the 1990's the idea of shooting Nazis in a video-game was the one thing that parents wouldn't get mad about. You would tell your Mom and Dad the game had you shooting Nazis and they would go, "Oh, you can rent that then." Now if we have a video-game where Nazis are shot, people say how it is left-wing propaganda. When did being an open Nazi-sympathizer in America become something supposedly okay that newspapers like the New York Times tries to normalize? Nazis aren't normal, they are terrible people who in living memory tried to commit genocide. Ugh.

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