Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Avengers 2 Trailer is Officially Available on the Internet For Your Consumption

Marvel had announced the teaser trailer for "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" would debut October 28th during a new episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." but it leaked yesterday-ish. In an interesting twist, instead of trying to shut-down every attempt to post the trailer (which they attempted to do at first, but saw was impossible) Marvel just went ahead and made it officially available for all to enjoy later last night. As I strive to be helpful to my readers I have it posted below, with some of my thoughts following...

I'll start off by saying it indeed looks like an interesting movie, and that singing is really creepy. We see some images of mass destruction, hear James Spader saying a monologue quite menacingly as Ultron, can clearly detect hints of inner-team turmoil, and get glimpses of other new and familiar faces too (Look, Nick Fury! Hey, the "Avengers"-version of Quicksilver!). That said, it can be hard to gauge what a movie will be like from a teaser trailer, or even a "regular" theatrical trailer. For example, this really reminded me of the teaser-trailer for the first "Avengers" movie as that too had a lot of things exploding with massive amounts of people panicking and running away. That was in New York City and here things look a bit closer to the beach, but you get my point. Having said that, the first "Avengers" turned out to have the serious moments of its teaser trailer but also was quite fun, never getting too, "gloom-and-doom," but instead maintaining a mostly-chirpy attitude despite all the mayhem. Considering "Avengers 2" has Joss Whedon directing it also I imagine that while this may very well end up being a more somber affair, there still will be plenty of humor and fun mixed-in to prevent people from wanting to just sob endlessly once the movie ends.

Now, there is a place for dark and depressing super-hero movies (Christopher Nolan made a great impact giving us some mostly-solid Batman flicks), but with "Avengers" I think there is an expectation that even if the movie has sadness there will be some joy too. With that established, I think the trailer does a solid job of making it clear this movie will be a sort-of reckoning for the "Avengers", with Stark basically saying how things have led to this "End of everything," and Ultron seeming to talk about the world turning against the Avengers with his, "Puppets on a string," metaphor. There are more and more rumors making it sound like this could be Whedon's last "Avengers" film before the Marvel Universe embarks on a sort-of "Civil War"-styled story-line, so I would imagine Whedon wants to go out with a bang, and then after that this film I imagine it will eventually all lead into an Infinity-Gauntlet or Secret Wars-type super-film--what with the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and being too valuable of entities to not have a cross-over with the Avengers where they all fight Thanos or such.

In conclusion, I'm just as excited for "Avengers 2" as I already was, with this trailer not boosting my relatively-high enthusiasm or lowering it. Things just look like they are coming along swimmingly in the Marvel Universe and I bet this will be quite the epic once it comes out in May.

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