Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DC Comics and Orson Scott Card Have Got People Angry, And I Honestly Have No Opinion...Is That Bad?

DC recently announced the various contributors to their new digital-followed-by-print anthology, "The Adventures of Superman." One of the people working on the book, Orson Scott Card, resulted in a huge amount of anger and protest followed by calls for boycotts or other such action. All of this had me asking the deep, soul-searching question, "Uh, who is this Orson Scott Card person?"

Apparently, Orson Scott Card is a sci-fi author whose work I honestly have never read (the books, the comics, any of it). Then we have Superman whom everbody knows, but Superman also is a character I generally don't read solo-adventure books of.  Therefore you end up with someone I've never read writing a character I shrug my shoulders at.

When the New 52 happened I read Grant Morrison on, "Action Comics," for seven or so issues before I realized that I was bored. Unless it's, "All Star Superman," not even Grant Morrison can get me interested in Supes by himself. Superman and the Justice League playing off each other? Sign me up! A comic focused on Lex Luthor such as the comic, "Luthor," by Azzarello & Bermejo (or the Paul Cornell run in Action Comics)? That sounds good too! You just give me Superman though, and I'm going to pass on the comic almost always--I will see the new movie though as that looks like it might be fun. This lack of interest is why it is awkward to say I don't have much of any opinion about DC getting Orson Scott Card to write a Superman story for their new digital-first-followed-by-print anthology series, "The Adventures of Superman."

 I don't have an opinion because I just completely lack any interest in Card or Superman. From what I've heard about Card he seems to be quite the jerk, working with an organization that tries to stop marriage equality and writing articles about how all gay men are bound to be child molesters or were molested themselves. That said though, I just know so little about Orson Scott Card that I don't really care what he thinks; I've never read his stuff or listened to him and lack any plan to start doing so. I would be lying to you if I said I'm not going to pick up the Superman comic as some form of protest. This is because regardless of whether the comic had Card's involvement I still would not be buying it. It's a comic about just Superman, and most of the time those don't interest me.

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out, but really this whole business affects me and my comic-buying plans exactly 0%. Should I have more of an opinion? Does it matter that I don't? Somebody tell me, because I just don't know....or care.

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