Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Trust Everyone Had A Good Thanksgiving Holiday?

Whether you celebrated Thanksgiving with family and food, or marked it as a national day of mourning, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was successful. When I say, "successful," I mean in the sense that you had lots of good food, relaxed, and possibly bought a ton of stuff for cheap on Black Friday. I did all of that, with the comics I got inexpensively along with movies and games surely being great enough in number to keep me busy until the next Black Friday (theoretically).

Between being sick or busy it has been a bit harder to keep up with the blog. I know you still see my regular contributions at Nine Panel, however, so as to not go through withdrawal (from my lack of ramblings). As winter approaches I hope to have more free time and just gorge myself on comics whilst writing a bunch of reviews of them and whatever other media I consume. So yeah, you have that to possibly look forward to if nothing else.

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