Monday, November 25, 2013

Warren Ellis is Writing Moon Knight AKA Some of the Best News Ever

In what sounded like news tailored specifically to appeal to my interests, one of my favorite writers, Warren Ellis, is going to be writing a comic about one of my favorite characters, Moon Knight. This news made me scream, "Dear God Yes!" when I first read it and roll around on the floor in a state of pure ecstasy. Then I saw the quite talented Declan Shalvey was doing the art and I rolled around with joy a little more.

Considering how I'll buy basically anything Moon Knight-related, and I love almost all of Warren Ellis' works, this is clearly a comic I want, no matter how much more strict I have become about my comic-purchases. I'm maybe getting my hopes up, but I bet that an Ellis-written Moon Knight is going to be something incredible. Plus, Ellis has written the character before, he did a a few issues of "Secret Avengers" a awhile ago and Moon Knight was on that team and therefore popped up in some of them. It was pretty cool stuff.
Ellis has penned stories with Moon Knight in them before.
In closing, Warren Ellis and Moon Knight, I'm excited beyond all belief!

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