Friday, November 26, 2021

Marvel Cancelled the Luke Cage Comic I Was Excited About

In, "Why can't we have nice things?" news, Marvel canceled that upcoming, "Luke Cage: City of Fire," comic I was excited for. It had writer Ho Che Anderson is making his first comic with Marvel  and the artists were going to change issue-per-issue. The plot centered on Cage fighting against a crooked cop who murders an innocent black man and going against politicians such as Wilson Fisk (currently the mayor of New York City in the comics) whilst the city teeters on the edge of conflict. It sounded extremely topical and interesting.  Marvel canned it.

Anderson wrote in an Instagram post how, "MAN PLANS, GOD LAUGHS: No easy way to say this. I got the word Luke Cage got canceled this morning, one month away from its premiere. The scripts are all written. The first issue is done and is a thing of absolute beauty. Issues 2 and 3 are deep into production. Covers have been drawn. People have gotten excited, and with good reason as far as I’m concerned. I remain as proud of this as any work I’ve ever done. Maybe someday it will be seen. But as of today, this comic is dead in the water. If you want answers I am not the man to ask. My heart is broken. I’m taking a social media break to lick my wounds. Somewhere god is having a chuckle. Enjoy it." The comic is far along and mysteriously gets shut down. Why, though?

Another comic creator who has made some awesome works (and had some rough experiences with Marvel), David F. Walker, wrote in response to this news on his Twitter that, "There are only two reasons a title is canceled this late in the game. #1 - pre-orders were too low to warrant the cost of printing. #2 - someone high up on the Marvel/Disney food chain saw something in the series that didn't sit well with them, and decided to kill it." It doesn't take a genius to think that with the current political and social climate in America that this comic probably touched on difficult subjects. I imagine Marvel (or more-so Disney) did not like that. This stinks.

Film Friday: Three Great Scenes in Three Good Movies

Every Four or Five Years I Do One of These

All the way back in 2011 I discussed two amazing scenes in two otherwise terrible movies. Then, in 2017 I wrote about two great scenes in a duo of otherwise underwhelming movies. Moving along this theme (but adding an extra flick) I randomly felt today like discussing three great scenes in three good movies. These movies have something that keeps them from achieving perfection, but they're still solid and have glimmers of sheer amazement in these three scenes.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

I liked, "Spider-Man: Homecoming." I didn't love it, but I enjoyed it a great deal. That said, one scene utterly amazed me. It is funny that Micheal Keaton is the Vulture but he's scariest out of his outfit just being Michael Keaton. Later in the film, his character begins to piece together how Tom Holland's Peter Parker is, in fact, Spider-Man. Then, he calmy (eerily calmy) discusses what he knows with Holland. It's an insanely intense scene and my favorite part of the whole movie.

I Am Legend

I've written previously about my issues with, "I Am Legend," changing its original ending after audiences complained it made them feel bad. It ended up having a nonsensical and stupid finale. Before that it's a solid movie that flirts with greatness but sometimes feels a little aimless. That said, the flashback scenes of when Will Smith's character and his family were considering evacuating New York City when the virus started are superb. They show a populace that is freaking out and a mess (kind of like we were during this current pandemic). My favorite scene happens during these flashbacks when everyone's eyes are being scanned for early signs of infection. Smith's wife registers as a, "Fail," and they start to drag her off. Smith starts yelling, everyone puts their guns up, and then it gets alarmingly quiet as Smith insists with a mixture of rage, fear, and desperation that they, "Scan her again." They do and she passes (raising questions about the machines too). It's a damn good scene that shows what Smith can do when you give a scene with something to bite into.


"Cashback," is an incredibly quirky British comedy (which I've recommended) that expands upon an Oscar-nominated short. It features a man named Ben who has trouble sleeping and gets a job working at a grocery store. To make time pass faster he imagines it actually freezing. The movie is purposely a little vague on if this is all in his imagination or if Ben actually has some kind of power. There is one moment where the flick suddenly takes on a slightly horror-styled vibe, however, that stuck with me. Ben pauses for a moment and wonders if he does this whole time-freezing thing what is stopping someone else from doing it too, or joining him? Then suddenly a man in a hoodie darts out of the room Ben's in and runs off. It's a brief unsettling moment in an otherwise pretty silly and fun flick. It hints for a moment at how, "Cashback," could be a totally different kind of movie if certain tonal aspects were changed. That makes it stay with me.

Flirting With Greatness

These are some good movies that I like watching. They aren't great, but they're really good, and these scenes within them are stupendous and make them come close to being even more impressive...if that makes sense. This was fun though. Next time (in another four or five years, maybe), I'll perhaps talk about weirdly bad scenes in stellar flicks? We'll see.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021!


It is Thanksgiving 2021. This year is a bit more normal compared to Thanksgiving 2020, which was quite different as long as folks were safe regarding COVID-19. This year we are (hopefully) vaccinated and can enjoy spending time with loved ones. Have a good Thanksgiving, all my American readers. I hope everyone else has a good regular ol' Thursday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Local Comic Shop Day!

Local Comic Shop Day came about a handful of years ago. The retailer organization ComicsPro started working with publishers to have cool comics and variant covers released at locally owned comic shops. It continues to this day and lately has been the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. There are some snazzy comics this year that are worth checking out if your comic shop is taking part in LCSD. It is now nearing the end of the day so if you didn't have a chance to browse any cool comics today, check them out Friday after Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Television Tuesday: "Hawkeye," Premieres Tomorrow on Disney+


The first two episodes of, "Hawkeye," stream starting tomorrow. I've previously discussed how I am looking forward to the, "Hawkeye," show thanks to all the great talent involved and not really because of Hawkeye himself. No offense to Jeremy Renner as he is a great actor, it is just that Hawkeye has been jokingly referred to as, "Everyone's least-favorite Avenger," for a reason. I'm just saying what many of us are thinking. I've seen some positive early reviews of the first two episodes (that was all critics were provided) and they state how Hailee Steinfeld is awesome (she is a great actress and singer, I don't know if she'll sing in this though) and Renner is present. I look forward to watching the show and seeing other characters that have definitely or seemingly been confirmed to appear, such as Alaqua Cox's Echo and Florence Pugh's Black Widow.

I'm not surprised the show is good if it's drawing from the amazing run by Matt Fraction and David Aja (with some other guest artists too). I really hope Disney/Marvel is paying some thank-you money to both in adequate amounts. I look forward to watching this over the extended Thanksgiving weekend!

Monday, November 22, 2021

The Nintendo Wii is 15 Years Old

The Nintendo Wii turned 15 over the weekend. The interesting thing is that it had a pretty long lifespan for a console and still is somewhat relevant now even if no games are being made for it besides the occasional small indie/homebrew title. Back when the failed WiiU was produced and then the immensely popular Nintendo Switch, the Wii kept trucking along with some occasional dance games or such. Folks still buy Wiis and enjoy the catalog of titles (or even simply play the bowling mini-games). We have a Nintendo Wii and occasionally will play some games on it. It was/is just a great console. Long live the Wii!

Bobby Flay Isn't Leaving Food Network After All

In October I discussed how it looked quite likely Bobby Flay was going to be leaving Food Network at the end of 2021. They couldn't reach a contract deal for him to stay there and barring a last-minute budge from his people of Food Network, he was done after 27 years. Well, somebody metaphorically blinked because Flay has re-upped with Food Network for at least three more years. One big aspect of the announcement he'll be staying is that Flay gets some of that sweet, sweet streaming money via the parent company's Discovery+ app. 

Yes, this contract, "...includes development of new content for Food Network as well as for elsewhere within the Discovery portfolio. Like its media peers, Discovery is pushing into streaming, with food programming aimed at niche service Food Network Kitchen as well as the broad-audience Discovery+." Therefore, you can expect Flay to continue gracing your television screen as well as your laptop/tablet with streaming-exclusive stuff too, it seems. I guess any competing networks or streaming services will have to wait for the next big contract dispute at Food Network before they can snatch up some talent. Perhaps if Guy Fieri ever tires of his job as the mayor of Flavortown?

Sunday, November 21, 2021

I Loved This Review of, "Crisis Zone," by Tegan O'Neil

I reviewed, "Crisis Zone," a bit ago for my friends over at Forces of Geek and discussed how amazing a comic it was. Simon Hanselmann makes good stuff. Also, there are certain reviewers whose writing I love and one of them is Tegan O'Neil, so when her (as she admits, very late) review of, "Crisis Zone," went up on The Comics Journal the other day I eagerly dove into the lengthy and thoughtful piece. Is it weird for one reviewer to write an article singing the praises of another review? Is that navel-gazey or reviewer-inception in a way? I don't care, I'm still going to tell you that you obviously ought to read, "Crisis Zone," and insist you read Tegan's review too.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

They Say the Justice System Isn't Broken, But Yeah


Yesterday, a murderer named Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty by the jury at his trial, against all logic. He wanted to act like some kind of vigilante and went with an assault rifle to the scene of protests. He shot people in cold blood. He cried about it on the stand and the power of crying white tears (and being a white man in general) set him free. It's weird that our society has become so divided that now we can politicize murder. Because Rittenhouse shot people who were protesting racial injustice a bunch of right-wingers decided to make him some kind of mascot. His trial was a mess between a judge who practically adopted Rittenhouse as a son and the aforementioned dramatic performances Rittenhouse gave when he took the stand. Chalk this one up as another example of how broken the justice system is.

Friday, November 19, 2021

The Publishing Rights to, "Star Wars," Comics Keep Getting More Confusing

Years ago, when it was a brand-new property, "Star Wars," was published by Marvel. Then Dark Horse got the license and made a ton of, "Star Wars," comics. However, over time Disney bought their own publisher in the form of Marvel and then acquired the rights to, "Star Wars," as well. It only made sense as soon as they could that, "Star Wars," was brought back to Marvel. The weird thing, however, is that Disney has had some random, "Star Wars," books published by IDW (along with other Marvel all-ages books). Now, Disney is also going to do all-ages comics in the, "Star Wars," universe (which IDW was doing, as I mentioned) during the, "High Republic," era of the chronology which will be published by Dark Horse. Dark Horse has some, "Star Wars," comics again, in other words. 

This is very confusing and I would not even begin to act like I understand why different, "Star Wars," books are at various publishers. all I know is it leaves me befuddled but obviously makes, "Star Wars," fans happy as they get even more comics. Whether IDW will still be doing, "Star Wars," comics if they lost the all-ages rights to stories remains unclear. The thought of three different comic publishers making, "Star Wars," comics is wild, however!